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Happy 16th Birthday FCST! ! !

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The footsteps of time, along the winding river, walked all the way, and entered August. We welcome the sixteenth birthday of Fiber Cable Solution Technology Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: FCST). Our narrative begins on the ordinary but unusual day of August 18, 2006. Sixteen years ago, this day was the day when FCST began to sow hope, and sixteen years later, FCST is moving forward with a more determined pace On the road to the rise of the optical communication field.

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About FCST
Fiber Cable Solution Technology Co.,Ltd. (FCST Co., Ltd.) was established in 2003. We specialized in Fiber optic patch cord manufacturing in 2006, we transited to R&D fiber plastic products such as fiber optic closures and terminal boxes in 2009, .In 2011, we set up our own micro duct factory in Shanghai and began to be involved in underground cable installation. From 2014 till now, FCST has perfected total blowing solution and has become the leader of this field in China. FCST provides ODN solutions & Undergound cable installation solutions & Aerial cable installation & Fiber tools solution for customers all over the world. ODN solutions include ODF, Fiber splice closures, FTTH boxes, PLC splitters, Patch cords.lUnderground cable installation solution include HDPE micro duct and tube bundles, micro duct connector, micro duct closure, micro cables, fiber blowing machines, trencher machines and fiberglass duct rodders and cable pulling & blowing lubricant.Aerial cable installation include different cable clamp for different type and diameter cable.Fber tools solution include OTDR, Power meter, Light Source, VFL, Fiber tools and toolkits.FCST currently contains 150 employees in China, including more than 20 engineers doing the technical services for the customers. Also,FCST has already set up 5 representative offices overseas.Our sales team is online 24 hours on working days. FCST has successfully cooperated with customers from more than 60 countries in the world, and we always strive to perform the best service for them. As the leader of the fiber blowing solution in China, FCST has a mission: Make Fiber Cable Run Faster.

On the occasion of the 16th anniversary of the establishment of FCST, the Shanghai Office and the Yichun Office held a celebration. The event was hosted by Tina, the Yin Marketing Department. The celebration officially kicked off with warm applause and laughter.

First, a speech by Tony, CEO of FCST, reviewed the company's development over the past sixteen years:

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Figure 2: CEO speaking

All FCST colleagues at the celebration venue expressed their congratulations to the company, and FCST will get better and better with everyone's blessings.

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Figure 3: Colleagues from various departments of the company speak

Today, FCST has grown into a big family. Special thanks to the team for their hard work and all their strong support to FCST. Thank you to every one of our colleagues. Happy 16th birthday to us!


We also prepared birthday cakes and celebration mini-games for this celebration. Everyone had a great time.

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Figure 4: Part of the activity screen

We are together on the way to pursue our dreams. After the event, colleagues who participated in the celebration activities took a group photo and expressed their sincere wishes that the future development of FCST will surely ride the wind and waves and prosper!

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Figure 5: Group photo at the event

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