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Logistics Services

About the product delivery time is a problem that our customers are very concerned about, so it is also a problem that we attach great importance to. Over the years, we have constantly improved our factory's production capacity, and we have integrated a large number of raw material supply chain resources, so we can ensure that our delivery time can be completed in accordance with our promised time.
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  • Advanced equipment
    We have very advanced production equipment, which has a very high capacity and can meet most of our customers' production needs.
  • Rational production arrangement
    Our production workshop has a very high level of management. We will make reasonable work arrangements according to the size and number of customer orders to ensure that each customer's production needs can be solved at the first time.
  • Our own warehouse
    We have a very large warehouse so that we can use it to stock some raw materials and produce some regular products in advance to facilitate our production needs as well as our customers' needs for quick delivery of regular products.
  • Supply chain integration
    We have more than 10 years of experience in the industry and have a very good reputation in the industry, integrated a large number of raw material suppliers, but also can deploy some cooperative factories, with a very strong rapid response mechanism, can be in accordance with our commitment to product delivery time for the delivery of products.
  • Professional partners
    Because the weight of linear slide class products is relatively large, so we have a number of professional logistics partners to improve the efficiency of our delivery, if you do not have a developed logistics provider, you can contact us, we can provide related services
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