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FCST is the global manufacturer of blown fiber cable and duct network solutions and it is at the forefront of the FTTX industry. Our mission is to develop the whole cable jetting (blowing) solutions to “make cable run faster”. Serving telecommunication passive network constructors with ducting and accessories across over 50 countries from 2 manufacturing sites with 20 production lines. Our goal is to work closely with our customers to deliver high quality products and technical support, especially our micro duct connectors which got approval by TIM and customers in Germany. Our product range is HDPE & LSZH microduct, microduct connector, microduct closure, microduct cutter, air blown fiber cable, fiber blowing machine, telecom duct detector and cable blowing lubricant. 
We will continue to innovate and contribute more to the construction of the global optical fiber network.

Mission Statement

“Make Cable Run Faster”as the mission of FCST Co.,Ltd.
Aim to promote cable jetting technology instead of cable pulling all around the world. Pulling and jetting are the two primary fiber installation methods. But each of these techniques can impact the longevity, performance, and return on investment (ROI) of a fiber optic network. If you take into account the fragility of glass or fused silica during installation, distance to be covered, efficiency, and costs, you may see that jetting (blowing) offers many advantages over traditional cable-pulling techniques.

Here are the reasons why cable jetting is superior to traditional pulling methods:
1. Minimal Risk of Tension Damage
2. Suitability for Long-Haul Fiber Optic Networks
3. Reduced Costs
4. Suitability for Microduct Installation
5. Appropriate for Removal of Old Fiber
6. Quick Installation
7. Less Disruption