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  • Island Underground Pipe System
    Island Underground Pipe System
    An operator from Oceania were contacting with FCST on 2014 that they want microduct can blow 144cores micro cable inside, we have sent more than 35 containers(40”HQ), that means 80% of the underground microduct in this island is come from FCST. They are mostly using 2ways and 7ways 14/10mm microduct
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  • TFWC2022
    The Installation company who is in charge of the fiber optic network of Lusail Stadium for 2022 FIFA World Cup. They request white color and split 19ducts of the 24ducts for indoor use, we ODM a Y type closure with 19holes rubber and white color to solve the problems, They are using FCST fiber unit
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  • Telecom Pipe Sealing
    Telecom Pipe Sealing
    An operator from Philippine, they are using 114mm telecom pipe and want to install 3pcs 40mm sub-duct inside, then lay cable inside. That project request duct plug for the 114mm pipe and also for the 40mm sub-duct, we are offering 3 different kinds of duct plug and sub-duct coupler for this project
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  • Microduct Connection
    Microduct Connection
    A company in Europe were contacting us for offering microduct connector OEM services since FCST microduct connector got approved by TIM in 2019. 55% fiber blowing cases in this country are using FCST microduct connector and got very good feedback.
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