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What Microduct Connectors Are Commonly Used In The ABF System?

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Air Blow Fiber Systems refers to laying special blown fiber microducts and related accessories in advance before comprehensively laying optical cables. When the optical fiber needs to be installed, the optical fiber is blown into the microduct by the fiber blowing machine to reach the destination. Compared with traditional cable pulling solution, this system can reduce costs and increase flexibility, which provide a non-destructive upgrade way and a brand new and future-proof cabling system.

alt ABF System Backbone Network


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1.Micro Duct Connector

These fiber duct connectors were developed to connect microducts with each other. Our system enables an easy, fast connection and disconnection of the microduct. The connectors’ robust construction resistance to high pressure forces, allowing them to be used in direct buried (DB) applications. The transparent body enables easy visual inspection of the cable with in the hdpe microduct connector. Micro duct connector accessories such as locking clip and DB cover can provide a perfect protection for microduct coupling.

alt Micro Duct Connector(1)

2.Duct Sealing Series

a.Divisible Duct Sealing

For easy gas and watertight sealing of cables in micro ducts. The Divisible connectors is easy to mount on new installations and existing installations. Thanks to the clever design, shifting the seal over the fiber now belongs to the past. Due to the compact design this seal can be installed in every situation, even in locations with difficult access.


b.Expanding Duct Plug

This plug is used to seal an open pipeline, people well, building, glass steel and other hand-hole connection, guarantee against the sewage, garbage, and gas ingress.


c.Simplex Duct Plug

A fiber optic simplex duct plug is used to seal the space between the duct and the cable in a duct. The plug is divisible so it can be installed after blowing a cable in the duct.


d.Simplex Entry Seals

Simplex entry seals effectively seal around and support conduits and cables in through penetration openings or core drilled penetrations, such as building entrances or conduit openings. Simplex entry seals prevent leakage around conduits and cables entering structures of all kinds. Because of their split design, these plugs are retrofitable, removable, and reusable.

alt Duct Sealing(2)

3.HDPE Silicon Core Pipe Connector

The HDPE Silicon Core Pipe Coupler, experience the same fast and easy installation of our Push-Lock couplers now with a new, clear body design. Simply push the duct ends into the HDPE Pipe Coupling for a locked and air-sealed assembly. The non-metallic construction provides excellent corrosion resistance in buried or encased applications and also has desirable dielectric properties.

alt HDPE Silicon Core Pipe Connector(3)


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