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Tube Distribution Closure Installation Manual

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Tube Distribution Closure(TDC) is a device used in telecommunications and networking applications to manage and distribute fiber optic cables. It is designed to house and organize multiple fiber optic cables and provide a secure and reliable connection between them, which are widely used in microduct systems. According to the usage scenario, it can be divided into two types: indoor and outdoor. According to the product shape, it can be divided into Y type, I type, H type, etc. Below we take the indoor Y-Type micro duct branch closure as an example to demonstrate the installation.

alt Y-Type Closure installation manual(1)

Installation Steps

1.Before starting to install the tube distribution closure, you need to prepare HDPE tube bundle, microduct straight coupler, microduct endcaps, ratchet duct cutter, and utility knife.

alt Y-Type Microduct Closure installation manual(2)

2.First unscrew the three lock caps, open the casing, take out the accessories, place the telecom duct pipe into the tube groove, and select the appropriate stripping length according to actual needs. The indoor micro duct joints closure can branch out up to 19 holes of 5/3.5mm tubes.

alt Y-Type Microduct Closure installation manual(3)

3.Use utility knife to peel off the outer sheath of the HDPE duct. Use ratchet duct cutter to cut the sub-tube to branch according to actual usage requirements, then plug in the microduct seal and use the micro duct straight connector to connect to the external sub-tube.

alt Y-Type Microduct Closure installation manual(4)

4.Place the sealing gaskets on the three outlet openings, secure the micro tube, cover the housing, and screw on the three lock caps. The micro duct cable closure installation is completed. As shown in the figure below.

alt Y-Type Microduct Closure installation manual(5)

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