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Pulling Method VS Air Blowing Method: How to Choose?

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Optical fiber cables for telecommunication application have been installed in pipes/ducts for many years. The installation process is influenced by local conditions, local climate, customer’s existing procedures, and customer requirements. There are two basic methods of cable installation in a preinstalled duct – Pulling method and Blowing method. The cable installation method is selected based on site conditions.

and availability of machinery & resources. Table 1 shows a comparison between the two installation methods.

Table 1 : Comparison between Pulling and Blowing methods

Pulling   Method

Blowing   Method

Pulling rope pre-installed

No pulling rope to install

Equipment and manpower at two sides

Equipment and manpower at one side

High sidewall forces on cables and ducts

may lead to cable damage

Forces on cable and duct can be monitored and controlled   and minimal chance of cable damage

Mainly manual pulling is practiced.

Large compressor and/or hydraulic power

pack at one side

Machine pulling needs one hydraulic power pack

Mainly used for straight duct route

Preferred for duct route with multiple

bends and undulations

Suitable for short distance (few 100m)   installation

Preferred for long distance (over 2km)   installation


In the actual Construction, we have obtained some reliable data by taking the laying of 1000m optical cable as an example. Please refer to Table 2: Construction Cost Comparison Table for details.

Table 2:Construction cost comparison table

Blowing   Method

Pulling   Method

Installation   Time

12 minutes

60 minutes

Manpower   Needs

2~3 people

5~10 people

Installation   lengths



Installation   Rate

60~85 m/min

15 m/min


Overall, blowing method is preferred over traditional pulling method due to savings in manpower & installation time and improved installation efficiency, particularly in longer ducts with multiple bends and undulations. FCST has accumulated many years of experience, cable installation by blowing method and its best practices are explained.

Pulling Method VS Air Blowing Method:How to Choose

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