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Full Pre-connection ODN Network Introduction

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The biggest difficulty in traditional ODN network construction is that the connection between each ODN node equipment and optical cable requires complex optical cable stripping, fixing and splicing operations, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. In order to reduce on-site fiber splicing, pre-connected ODN solutions emerged as the times require, improving the speed of on-site installation. It is also called the Quick ODN solution. Currently, the pre-connection solution can be used for the entire FTTH network construction process.

alt Pre-connection ODN Network(2)

Pre-connection ODN Network

The advantages of pre-connected ODN networks are as follows:

lReduced Labor Costs

The demand for technicians has changed to the demand for general workers, without the need for professional splicing equipment, and labor costs have been reduced by more than 30%.


lImproved Construction Efficiency

The operation of connecting optical cables to node equipment and facilities is simple, which can shorten the construction time from 90 minutes to 15 minutes. At the same time, because the optical cables and nodes are segmented, they can be constructed in parallel.


lImproved Reliability

The fully sealed and unopenable box is assembled in the factory. On site, the box only needs to be used as an integrated device to externally plug in the pre connected optical cable assembly. There is no need to open the box for subsequent operation and maintenance, which greatly improves the reliability of node equipment and facilities.


Pre-connected ODN Network Facilities

1. Pre connected splice box

The pre connected splice box is used when it is necessary to transfer the traditional ODN network to the pre-connected ODN network. Its function is to convert the traditional optical cable coming out of the computer room into an outdoor MPO optical cable assembly. Therefore, the pre connected connector box needs to support opening and closing. The traditional optical cable is connected to the pre connected connector box, fused to the pigtail of the multi-core MPO connector in the box, and then output through the external MPO connector, and connected to the subsequent pre-connection through the outdoor MPO optical cable assembly.

2. Pre connected optical delivery box

The pre connected optical junction box is the transfer point between the feeder section and the distribution section in the ODN network. It realizes the conversion between outdoor MPO optical cable assemblies and single-core/double-core distribution optical cable assemblies. It is also called Hub Box and its function is similar to that of traditional ODN. Fiber optic cable junction box in the network. According to the requirements of the network architecture for the optical splitting ratio, a 1:2 optical splitter can be configured in the pre connected optical distribution box, or no optical splitter can be configured.


Pre connected optical distribution boxes are generally fully sealed, and the uplink can be connected to the pre connected splice box through outdoor MPO optical cable assemblies. The output end usually provides 8 external single-core optical ports, and each output port can be connected to a pre-terminated ODN chain (4 pre connected fiber distribution boxes with different levels of light distribution). The pre connected optical distribution box with built-in four 1:2 optical splitters can connect 256 users when fully equipped.


Pre connected optical boxes are often cascaded multiple times to increase coverage. If MPO optical cable assembly cascade is used, since the mainstream MPO optical cable assembly has 12 cores, three levels of cascading can be achieved, and each level of pre connected optical box occupies 4 cores.


3. Pre connected fiber distribution box

Fast connect fiber access terminal is used in wiring sections and can be divided into pre connected cascade boxes (Sub Box) and pre connected end boxes (End Box) according to whether they can be cascaded downward. The pre connected fiber distribution box can provide 4, 8 or 16 user interfaces. The Sub Box has built-in unequal ratio optical splitters, which can connect users and cascades. The End Box has built-in equal ratio optical splitters, which can only connect users with different ratios. Then there are lower cascades.

alt FCST Fast Connect Access Terminal Box(2)

FCST Fast Connect Access Terminal Box

The pre-terminated fat box is fully sealed, and the input and output are external single-core optical ports. Taking the built-in 1:9 unequal ratio optical splitter in the Sub Box as an example, 70% of the optical power is output to the cascade port and connected to the next-level Sub Box through a single-core distribution optical cable assembly, and 30% of the optical power is distributed to 8 users. The End Box has a built-in 1:8 optical splitter that distributes optical power to 8 users. Due to the limitation of the optical power budget, the Sub Box in the 1:9 unequal ratio scheme can generally be cascaded three times, that is, each chain contains 3 Sub Boxes and 1 End Box.


4. Outdoor MPO optical cable assembly

Outdoor MPO cable assemblies can be used in feeder and distribution segments, equivalent to backbone cables in traditional ODN networks. Fiber optic cable assemblies are typically 12 cores with outdoor reinforced MPO connectors pre-terminated on either one or both ends of the cable. The single-ended MPO optical cable assembly is used to connect ODF and pre connected splice boxes, and the double-ended MPO optical cable assembly is used to connect pre connected splice boxes and pre connected optical distribution boxes, as well as cascade between pre connected optical distribution boxes. Using MPO optical cable components, while supporting FTTH, it can also provide fiber cores for SPN, OTN and other transmission services to meet the multi-service access needs of buildings, villages and other scenarios.


5. Single-core/double-core distribution optical cable assembly

Single-core/double-core distribution optical cable assemblies are used in the distribution section, which is equivalent to the distribution optical cable in the traditional ODN network, but the number of cores is greatly reduced. Both ends of the single-core/double-core optical cable are pre-terminated with outdoor reinforcement. type connector, which can be directly plugged into the external optical port of the pre connected optical junction box or pre connected fiber distribution box, and is used to connect the pre connected optical junction box and the pre connected fiber distribution box, as well as the cascade between the pre connected fiber distribution boxes.


6.Introduce optical cable components

The drop-in optical cable assembly is used in the drop-in section to connect the user access point and the user ONU/ONT. The drop-in optical cable assembly is generally a single-core butterfly-shaped drop-in optical cable. One end is pre-terminated with an outdoor reinforced connector and connected to a pre connected fiber distribution box. The other end is pre-terminated with an ordinary connector or without a connector through splicing or on-site assembly of the connector ( FMC, Field Mountable Connector) is connected to the user ONU/ONT. The use scenario of introducing optical cable components is the most complicated. Generally, it needs to pass through the wall from the outside into the basement or corridor of the house. For high-rise users, it is also necessary to pass through the weak current well to reach the floor where the user is located.






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