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Microcables For Duct Installation-Installation Environment

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The microduct system is suitable for use in all types of outside cable applications. It initially appears that the system is only useful in underground systems. While there may be more microducts used in underground, it is not the only cable in which it is advantageously used. The microduct system can also provide robust performance over a long service lifetime 

in both buried and aerial cable. The same favorable economics exist for each type of outside cable for which it is used.

Air Blowing Micro Cable can be used to meet long-haul service applications as well as local FTTX demands. Air Blowing Micro Cable is available in a variety of sizes, fibre counts, and fibre types to make it a good fit for nearly every application.

In addition to always installing micro-duct systems in unused conduit, the microduct system can be used to “overbuild” existing cable cable in the underground cable system. Microducts can be jetted (blown) into conduit or innerducts already occupied by optical cable. Overbuilding existing cable can be cost effective and provide high quality cable facilities as long as the maximum fill ratio discussed in Section is not exceeded.

                                     Microcables For Duct Installation-Installation Environment (3)Microcables For Duct Installation-Installation Environment (2)

FIG1 – Examples of “Overbuilding” in 1” - 32/27mm and 1 1/4” - 40/33mm Innerducts

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