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FCST16311 Y-Type Tube Distribution Closure(7 Ways)

  • Protection Level:IP67.
  • Proven gel sealing system.
  • No pressure relief valve required.
  • Robust construction with high mechanical strength.
  • FCST16311 (7ways)

  • FCST

FCST16311(7WAYS) (15)

Product Overview

FCST16311 Y-Type Tube Distribution Closure,an in-line enclosure used for the blown fibre joint applications. can be Direct Buried into a waiting trench (following FCST installation procedures on back-fill) or placed inside a manhole or handhole.

Product Advantages

lProtection Level:IP67.

lProven gel sealing system.

lNo pressure relief valve required.

lRobust construction with high mechanical strength.

lEasy handling at all temperatures,Tool-less installation or re-entry.

lSealing rings can be customized according to the size of microduct.

lCable configuration changes possible with a minimum of extra accessories.

Product Specifications



Micro Duct Diameters

Duct Width:62

Duct Height:47.5



Dimension (mm)


Net Weight(g)


Protection Levely


Port Supports

1 in 2 out

Temperature Range

-40°C to +60°C

Micro Duct Diameters Description

FCST16311 Y-Type Tube Distribution Closure_01

FCST16311 Y-Type Tube Distribution Closure_02

Packing Information

FCST16311 Y-Type Tube Distribution Closure_03

alt Microduct Tube Distribution Closure Information collection page

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