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Cable Jetting Construction Guide-Construction Preparation Requirements

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Construction Administrative Filing And Approval

In accordance with relevant local laws and regulations or requirements, the relevant construction filing and approval are completed in advance.


Construction Organization Plan

Construction environment and detailed land appearance exploration situation.

According to the wiring construction diagram, select cable jetting construction mode and cable jetting blowing point.

Materials, appliance configuration requirements and preparation lists.

Construction operation operation guidance letter.

Safety construction measures and safety emergency plans.

Environmental protection measures and environmental recovery plans.

The transportation specifications and safety measures of materials and appliances.

Construction Material

The main materials include Micro-duct and Air Blowing Micro Cable, which should meet the requirements of the construction plan.

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Auxiliary materials include: all kinds of Duct and Micro Duct Straight Connector, Micro Reducer, Micro Duct End Stop Connector; Micro Cable Closure, microduct closure, microduct coil stay stand, logo, Cable Blowing Lubricant, bottled nitrogen for construction, bellows, T35 sponge ball, etc.

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Construction Equipment

The main construction equipment includes: generator, Air compressor, cooler, water separator, microduct Fiberblowing Machines, Air Blowing Micro Cable Fiberblowing Machines, detector, blower; FIGARINO, microduct and Air Offensive Micro Cable, Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer; Drill gun, pipe fault detector, steel ball, sponge ball, Tube Bundle Cutter, pipe repair pliers, etc. Wireless walkie-talkies and other site construction communication equipment.

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Testing instruments include: OTDR, range finder, card length, tape measure and other conventional size detection tools.

Safety supplies include: construction site safety warning signs, fire equipment, etc.; Personal safety protective equipment.

Construction vehicles and transport vehicles include: materials, appliances transport vehicles; On-site transportation, such as cable trailers, carts, etc.

Construction Planning, Staffing And Training

Formulate a detailed construction plan, and the engineering staff configuration list.

The allocation of engineering personnel should be clear, effective, and clear in duties. There should be full -time quality inspectors and safety officers. Special operations positions should be qualified for work.

In order to ensure that engineers have mastered their own business and meet the requirements of engineering construction, all job engineers should read and are familiar with the relevant operation manual and engineering construction plan. If necessary, we should conduct pre -construction training.

In order to ensure construction safety, safety training and on -site safety emergency treatment exercises should be conducted.

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Microduct Fiber Optic Cable Installation

Direct In-Ground Installations.

Micro Trench Installations.

Mole Plow Installations.

In-Duct Installations.

Note:For details of this section, please refer to《Microduct Fiber Optic Cable Installation


Cable Jetting Location Selection

The choice of cable jetting location directly affects the feasibility, efficiency and length of cable jetting. The selection of cable jetting locations requires consideration of routing conditions, pipeline junction points, line turns and fluctuations, and cable jetting capabilities and placement conditions of the equipment.

The more the pipe bends, the shorter the single maximum cable jetting distance will be. The cable jetting location should be close to the area with more bending.

The smaller the bending radius is, the shorter the maximum cable jetting distance will be. The cable jetting location should be near the section with small bending radius.

cable jetting should be done from high to low in areas with large difference in terrain. When cable jetting is relayed, the cable jetting is relayed through the opening at the middle terrain.

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