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32/26mm HDPE Silicone Duct

  • Aging-resistant, anti corrosion of chemicals.
  • Convenient in construction, save time and the project cost.
  • Waterproof, damp-proof, can avoid the damage by rodent animals.
32/26mm HDPE Silicone Duct

Product Advantages

Convenient in construction, save time and the project cost.

Low friction internal coating for maximum fiber blowing distance.

Φ32/26mm polyethylene tubes with smooth inner wall to reduce friction.

Product Specifications

Raw Materials

HDPE of a high-molecular type with the following parameters is used for production of the microduct:

Melt flow index 0.1 0.3 g/10 minutes EN ISO 1133(190 C , 2.16KG)

Density: Min. 0.940 g/cm3 ISO 1183

Tensile strength at yield: Min. 21MPa ISO 527

Elongation at the break: Min 350% ISO 527

Environmental stress crack Min. 350 hours ISO 4599 resist (F50)


Outer Dia.(mm)

Wall Thickness(mm)

Ovality (%, before coiled)

Microduct  Φ32/26mm


(-0.0, +0.3)


(-0.2, +0.2)


Physical And Chemical Properties



Test methods

Hardness of Outer Wall



Sheath the 100mm length duct sample tightly around the metallic bar with a suitable outer diameter and put them just below the Hardness Meter of Shore-D. As per the method indicated in the GB/T 2411-1980 Standard, read the instant Hardness value is testing result. Totally read for 5 times, the average arithmetical value will be the final result.

Internal Co-efficient of Friction

0.12 (Dynamic)

Perform the testing according to the Appendix D of GB/T 24456-2009 Standard.

0.25 (static)

Tensile Strength at Yield


Hold the sample on the tester respectively with the tensile speed of 100mm/min, till the 5 samples are broken off by the pulling force, make the note of the maximal tensile value as the testing results during the tensile process, the average arithmetical value of these 5 effective results will be the final result.

Elongation at break


Max Pulling Load


Take the complete duct sample of 200mm length, both ends of sample should be cut neatly. Then use the special clamp to hold it onto the tester with  the tensile speed of  450mm/min till the sample yields, read the yield loading  as the testing result. Totally read for 3 times, the average arithmetical value will be the final result.

Bending Radius after cooling


Place sample of 1.5m length at -20environment for more than 2 hours, and then take it out and put it onto the bending machine with 300mm radius within 1 minute to perform the testing of bending towards four directions, the surface of duct has no crack.

Ring Stiffness


Perform the testing according to clause 6.5.2 of YD/T 841-1996 Standard.

Crush test


Crush the 200mm length sample at speed of 5mm/min till the deformation value of outer diameter is 50% of the original, remove the loading, the duct should not crack or layered, and the outer diameter can recover to no less than 85% with 10 minutes.

Longitudinal Reversion


As per the testing method B of GB/T 6671-2001 Standerd, the temperature of oven is 110.

Impact Strength


Place 10 sample of 150mm length at -30environment for more than 2 hours, and then take it out and drop a 15.3Kg hammer from 2.0 meters height to it within 30 seconds, the structure and size of hammer complies with the GB/T 24456-2009 Standard.


96h, Fail value


Cut the duct in axial direction with the depth of 0.65mm; the testing solvent is TX-10 water solution of 20% mass concentration

Air Pressure



Chemicals Erosion Resistance

Immerse the duct sample into the solvent of 5% NaCl40H2SO440NaOH for 24 hours, no visible eroded phenomenon.

Service life

20 years



Completed packages of the HDPE Silicon Duct on drums can be stored outdoor max. 6 months upon the date of production.

Storage temperature: -40°C  +70°C

Installation temperature: -20°C  +50°C

Operating temperature: -40°C  +70°C

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